The quick brown fox

I’m having my lunch and I’ve got a moment. Jamie’s asleep and for a brief period of time, I can do as I please. For now. 

(We’re due to be out the door soon though, as I need to make an unplanned visit to the dentist to fix an unfortunate hole in my mouth left in the wake of a cracked temporary tooth filling. More on that later.) 

It’s Friday and I’m glad. Every week, I look forward to Friday even though I’m at home almost all the time and there’s no after office jam to battle or work-free days to look forward to on the weekend (my work consists of being the main caregiver to Jamie and being a freelance writer and usually it’s the case whereby I’m either doing one or the other at any given day of the week). 

I’m just happy to reach the Friday mark because it means I’ve survived another week of mayhem at home (of which there is more now thanks to an increasingly mobile Jamie). And also because it means that for the next two whole days, I’ll have Deric around to keep me company. 

Weekends are crucial for my sanity. They remind me that there is always hope. That a break in the monotonous domestic schedule can do wonders for my enthusiasm to dive right back into it when Monday comes knocking. 

Now, back to what I was saying earlier about the damaged tooth filling… 

I was trying my hardest to stay awake and work last night till the wee hours of 3am. And I desperately needed a snack, and was resisting coffee, leaving it for a last resort. So I picked up some corn nuts, a deliciously addictive snack that is sadly too gruelling to crunch on for teeth already marred by prior decay. So it cracked, that temporary filling on my molar which was only due to be given a permanent repair next Tuesday. 

So I have to make that trip to the dentist today. It’s challenging going much of anywhere mid-week, thanks to my darling tag-along, Jamie. But thankfully Grandma (Jamie’s, that is) is available today so we can go. 

Here’s to the Soon-To-Be Weekend. And Jamie’s wailing now. So. Goodbye!

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