Piece of cake

A quick cake fix option I should have explored eons ago.

Lately I’ve suddenly developed an affinity for mug cakes.

With my busy Work-At-Home-Mum lifestyle in full swing, most days I barely have enough time for much of anything. So the idea of a quick fix for a cake craving is very much appealing at this phase of my life.

It all started out with me wanting to bake my Mum something which I could use to surprise her on her birthday. I needed it to be small in size and for the recipe to be manageable enough for my baking skills (which is mostly only at the level of being able to follow directions).

So I decided to look up mug cake recipes since they would yield a decently sized cake which would be just nice for my Mum to consume by herself. Not to mention it being really quick to prepare too (a plus point definitely with my lack of hours in each day).

Poking around on Pinterest led me to this 2 Minute Coffee Cake in a Mug recipe. I thought to myself, ‘This would be perfect since Mum likes coffee!’ Only to realise halfway through trying out the recipe that there is NO COFFEE in the ingredients list.

Turns out the author just meant cake that can be consumed with coffee. But… but… but… that’s NOT a coffee cake!

Back I went to searching the Web for a mug coffee cake recipe. This time via Google rather than Pinterest. So finally I chanced upon a Chocolate Expresso Mug Cake recipe. It was just what I was looking for. Yay!

The final outcome is what you see in the pic above.

From that experience, I decided that mug cakes are really great and made another round of that chocolate expresso mug cake all for myself. I also retried the “coffee” cake (which is more like a cinnamon apple cake actually).

My conclusion from all of this is that I will most certainly be adding more mug cake recipes to my baking repertoire for many more days and months to come. In fact, I read somewhere that it’s a cool thing to teach kids to do too, since it’s really simple and yields fast results.

So yay for mug cakes. I can finally have my cake and eat it too.

*     *     *

Notes (in case you want to try those recipes too) 

For the Chocolate Expresso Mug Cake, I used 3 tbsp of castor sugar and since I baked with cocoa powder instead of drinking chocolate, I also added an extra 1 tsp of sugar. Had it baked in my microwave on High for 90 minutes and it turned out fabulous.

The 2 Minute Coffee Cake in a Mug turned out too sweet so I decided to reduce the sugar content. For the cake itself, only put in 1 tsbp castor sugar whereas for the streusel, I put in only 1/2 tbsp of sugar. Also decided to weigh the butter since having to smash melted butter into a measuring spoon irks me a bit. So… it comes up to roughly 12g for the 1 tbsp of sugar. Baked it for 70-80 seconds on High.

My microwave is a Panasonic one. Non-convection.

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