Moving along

Hosting company for the old home of Stories and Such just issued an invoice to me. The renewal date for my subscription is coming up. And what that means is that a little sentimental piece of my life is about to vanish. 

On the first birthday I celebrated with Deric after our marriage, he bought me a domain for my birthday. That was the initial home for Stories and Such. 

Now, as we look to tighten our monthly family expenses, I made the decision to give up the subscription for that domain. After all, I reasoned that I hardly blog much and it doesn’t justify having to pay for the hosting service. 

Furthermore, as I had detailed in previous blog posts, the hosting company wasn’t very helpful when it came to assisting me in troubleshooting and resolving the issue I faced with a constantly exceeded bandwidth (which in my opinion was absurd considering how little I updated the blog and how minute the online traffic was for that site). 

I shall miss the domain, primarily because it was a gift, and it was one that I kept over the past 4 years or so. It certainly wasn’t as brilliant a blog as the one I maintained back in my uni days on Blogdrive. Neither was it as creative as what I had once deposited on another blog I used to write on at Blogspot. 

But this blog was special to me. It now continues here on a free WordPress subscription, probably a little less glorious than it was when it was a self hosted site. 

Well, anyway, online spaces are just tiny corners of the Web where we try to piece together an identity for ourselves. I tell myself it is real life that matters, and the Internet is only a small sliver of what my real life is. 

IRL, we are a family and we are happy and blessed by a gracious God who has seen us through thus far. I guess I have to trust that He will continue to hold us together and that despite my sentimentality over trivial things, there are bigger things that matter and it is those things that I choose to focus on. 

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