Fresh start

Drum roll please! 2017 is here 🙂 

Over in our little household, things are going fine for now. We tend to think of it as “for now” since we really have no idea what the year ahead holds for us at this point. 

It’s scary not knowing what’s coming. What helps is knowing that when you have a family, you’ve got company for whatever you will face. So perhaps in that sense, we can console ourselves that it won’t be so bad since we’ll be in this together. 

I honestly don’t look forward to tomorrow though. Deric will be back to work, and Jamie and I will be home by ourselves again. Just me, this turbo charged toddler, that mountain of chores and my insurmountable workload of writing. Yikes. 

But this is my life. And I will manage it better this time. The onset of a new year will make me improve, or at least that is my hope. 

We’ll see. 

I would like to try doing the following things this year. I don’t want to label them Resolutions, since those never work, but well, just think of these as wishes and dreams I have for 2017: 

  1. To write something everyday that is not related to paid work assignments. Ideally, a new post here every day would be a good start. 
  2. To be working on at least 1 craft project at any given time. At the very least to have one completed project each month (as suggested by my friend and fellow mother, Hosanna). 
  3. To have a consistent Quiet Time (aka a brief moment of prayer, worship, Bible reading and contemplation) every day. Somehow. 
  4. To be seen by Jamie to be doing (3), reading and being affectionate towards Deric. 
  5. For all unfinished DIY and craft projects to be COMPLETED. 
  6. To improve my photography and take photos more often. To blow the dust off my old DSLR, especially. At least to work on better composition, for starters, by perhaps updating Instagram regularly. 
  7. Organise the home into a respectable state. 
  8. Invite guests over on a regular basis. Say, once a month? 
  9. Take Jamie out for mini outings mid-week every week. 
  10. Revamp my wardrobe. Breastfeeding or otherwise. 
  11. Sell something I’ve made. 
  12. Write THAT book. 
  13. To be kinder, less judgmental, manage my emotions better and think on behalf of others more (aka be more considerate).

Okay, that’s a lot on that list already. I like making lists a little too much. End now. 


See you tomorrow! (I hope). 

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