Biscoff: The baking of

Finally did a homemade version of Biscoff. Yay.

* Tiny note: This post comes a little late. I actually baked these Biscoffs last year, but never got round to posting this draft. I was about to just trash the entire draft, but on second thought, since it’s already all written out, well, here you go 🙂 

I first tasted a Biscoff cookie in my confinement month after Jamie’s birth. My mother-in-law had come to visit from Korea and was staying at our place at that time, and she brought a pack of Lotus Biscoff to share with us, just like the one in the above picture. 

I’d never known of the existence of Biscoff prior to that. Thanks to the effects of breastfeeding (aka being hungry ALL the time), I decided to try some and ended up liking them. 
After my mother-in-law went back to Korea, I never saw or bought Lotus Biscoff again until recently when I saw it being sold at Jaya Grocer. Much to my delight, of course. 

As with nearly everything I see/do these days, my thoughts turned to whether it was possible to make these lovely cookies for myself (on the pretext of saving money). So, as is my typical response to  whimsical ideas like this, I looked it up on Pinterest. 

And, good news, there ARE people out there who created homemade Biscoff cookies. Yay! 

Unfortunately, it seemed to require a long list of spices in the ingredients list. Which for awhile, put me off making them because I couldn’t find what was required. I mean, I found some of them but not all (eg I had difficulty locating allspice and clove powder). 

Then I stumbled upon some recipes which required less of the said spices, and one blog  post that even said Biscoff cookies were primarily about the cinnamon taste and flavour, and that the other spices weren’t really necessary. So I took heart in that, and decided it’s time to give Biscoff baking a go. Finally. 

Even then, it has taken me awhile to actually get round to baking Biscoff since, as you know, my life is mostly occupied with caring for Jamie and managing home based writing work. However, I have done it at last with a recipe that only relies on nutmeg and cinnamon powder.

Introducing… my very own homemade Biscoff! Whee!

Take a peek… Do they look authentic? Honestly, they look like butter cookies to me (or maybe it’s due to the kind of cookie moulds I used to make them with). 

Things to note about the recipe I used: 

1. I reduced the cinnamon by half out of fear that the smell/taste would be too strong. It appears not to be with this batch, I might bring it back up as per recipe for the next time. 

2. I see now why the dough needs to be refrigerated. Once it goes back to room temperature, it becomes really hard to work with (ie soft and sticky). Me being the dawdling, easily distracted self that I was, I took too long working with the batch for the first tray that the dough reverted to its former self. Heh. Lesson learned. 

3. Also because of the tendency of the dough to become sticky, it was tough getting it out of the cookie moulds and safely onto the baking tray without it becoming deformed in the process. So perhaps for the future, I should stick to simpler moulds like just circles or something like that. 

4. Recipe warned that the cookies brown very quickly and need to be monitored closely. I did try, but having Jamie needing my attention constantly and hovering at the kitchen’s safety gate made that difficult. I also couldn’t decide how brown I actually wanted them. Hence, you can see various shades of brown in the photo I shared. Hehe. Something to improve on for next time. 

5. Does it taste like the actual Lotus Biscoff? Not really, but it tastes nice as it is. So… hmm… What shall I do about that? Try other recipes? 

I think I’ll need some nicer cookie moulds to shape my homemade Biscoffs.

Just in case you want to try your hand at the recipe I used, you can find it here

I just might want to whip up another batch soon to refine the recipe further, so I’ll post about it again if I learn anything new. Tata for now 🙂  

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