Fishy business 

Fishball noodle soup with our homemade fishballs whee 🙂
I’m up early to finish some dastardly work, but before I get to it… Just have to share with you about our lovely fishball noodle soup last night. 🙂 

Jamie seems to love noodles so we thought we’d give it a try so he could eat the same dinner that we were having. 

This was also our first time trying our hands at making our own fishballs. I figured it’d be healthier for everyone (Jamie included), plus we could have the peace of mind knowing what was in it. 

Only bummer was me being paranoid and deciding to Google about mackerel and mercury content during dinner time and then finding out that it DOES have a rather high reading 😦 What a mood spoiler. But well, I guess since we don’t always eat fish, hopefully it’s still okay for Jamie since it’s just once in awhile… 

Deric did all the cooking this time because I’m still running a marathon to finish my work. But it really looked simple enough, the steps and all, so hopefully the next round, I’ll get to be involved in the cooking too. 

You can check out the recipe at Rasa Malaysia. It only gives instructions for how to make the soup and fishballs, but you can always chuck in any favourite noodles and miscellaneous ingredients and convert it into fishball noodle soup 🙂 

For our rendition of this dish, we added Chinese cabbage, oyster mushrooms, and chicken breasts (cut into small chunks). And for the noodles part, we did a mix of meehoon (rice vermicelli) and spinach mee (which is cool because it adds a greenish accent to the dish and more healthy too, at the same time). 

We skipped the garlic oil and seaweed this time round, but I would love to have it thrown in next time too, me thinks. 

Oh and we made the fish paste using our food processor rather than through chopping it with a knife.

Meanwhile, for the soup, we made it extra delicious by first creating a homemade fish stock as the base. We added other fish bones that we had left over from another meal, and followed the steps from a soup cookbook that I have. (It basically contained onions, celery, a bay leaf, and a few other simple condiments.)

We let our fish stock cook in the slow cooker all day. First, on High till the liquid was boiling, then Low for the rest of the afternoon till it was needed for cooking in the evening. 

It sure beats any commercial stock out there. And it made the soup extra yummy 😀 

Feel kind of psyched to attempt beef balls next, either for a noodle soup thing OR to go with pasta/spaghetti. Hehe. 

Perhaps by some time in the future, we’ll no longer buy these dishes from outside restaurants and coffee shops no longer and save ourselves more money. (It’s an ambitious thought, but hey, maybe it’s possible someday ya?) 

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