On the bright side

So much stuff to do around here. Ought to get round to it… 


Hehe. Well, jokes aside, it’s been a pretty decent month, this October. And best part is, it isn’t even over yet! 

If you know me in person, you’d surely be aware that I’m not typically a very optimistic or chirpy individual, but I’m trying to stay on the bright side of life. I think I’m realising that I need to at least try to be so as I continue to journey on in my life. A survival tactic. 

Honestly, it’s kind of hard to be content when everyday I’m mostly stuck doing mundane things like house chores, meal prep and meeting work deadlines (which I really shouldn’t complain about given my measly freelance portfolio at the moment). Not to mention too the inability to indulge in much of anything recreational in nature. 

But as you probably read in my previous post, I’m trying to do what I can to savour the good, learn from the bad and keep my spirits up. 

In fact, I’d dare say I have accomplished a fair bit of stuff lately. Let’s list them out, shall we? 

  1. I baked 2 rounds of celebratory dessert fare in conjunction with my husband’s birthday (read: made peanut butter cupcakes AND a caramel cheesecake). All by myself. Almost. Well… Deric and Jamie did help a little for the cheesecake decor part because I was running out of time though. Teehee. 
  2. I have commenced repair work of Jamie’s jacket zipper. Finally! I have put this off for really long because of an irrational fear of not knowing how to sew zippers nor use a zipper foot on the sewing machine. 
  3. I restarted a new batch of compost tea to benefit my future plants (read: they keep dying aargh).
  4. Completed reading an entire novel over a mere few days. Dean Koontz, no less. (And yes, parenting makes you rejoice over seemingly simple things because they have now become almost virtually impossible). 

Okay, well, that isn’t a very long list. Maybe there’s more but brain cannot conjure them from my memory for now.  

But I’m generally in a place of contentment. For now. I hope it sticks. 

Been contemplating how to revive my journalling habits (which I’ve failed to do countless times) and I think I might try focussing on writing down these tiny things I accomplish daily in an attempt to motivate myself and feel better about everything. And maybe along the way I’ll throw in some stuff about Jamie and what I observe about his developments and my feelings about him growing up too. 

Anyway, gotta go snooze a bit more while I can now. Morning breaks. I was coining copy earlier for a client. Zzz. Bye. 

*In case you didn’t get that reference I made up there, it’s from that glorious movie, Up. Relevant GIF excerpt shown below. Hehe.

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