*Edited @ 28 October 2017, 1548 hours: After pics with brief commentary

Mess, mess everywhere. But not anymore. We hope.

Big day at home today. Well, it’s just one of many, you could say. 

This time round it’s because we decided to change things up in the kitchen and in other smaller corners of the apartment. 

It’s been a constant frustration of mine how there never is enough counter space for food preparation. So finally, after a very long time of enduring this, we finally got our family contractor to help us do something to make it better. 

We settled on some shelves to put up in the walls above the kitchen sink and the counter, and we hope it will help us get certain things out of the way. More specifically, off the counter top and the floor. 

In my opinion, the kitchen is one of the crucial spaces in the home because it’s where we derive our physical nourishment from. On an average weekday, I spend a great deal of my daylight hours in there. Doing dishes. Whipping up meals. Rehearing leftovers. 

So I feel it makes sense to put more thought and resources into keeping it a pleasant place to be in. 

For instance, one way we did this right from the beginning when we moved in was to have a fan installed in the kitchen. Yes, I cannot emphasise enough how horrid it is to be sweaty in the kitchen while toiling over the stove or messing with the oven. It’s amazing how many kitchens in Malaysia do not factor this in. This particular detail I learned from my mother. I have not regretted us replicating this in our own home. 

The present problem, however, is more of a storage and organisation issue so hopefully shelves above our heads will help clear the clutter (both in a physical and mental sense). 

Fingers crossed it won’t create another problem though, where we get lazy to panjat and bring stuff down. Which is entirely possible too. 

Well, let’s hope this works out. 

Above is the Before photos. I’ll update with the After ones soon. 


Andddd here is an After shot…

So much clear space that I can hardly believe it.

And this is the new thing we did to our balcony… bamboo blinds! 😍 No more blinding sun and heat in the afternoons. Yesss! 

There is also this calming, almost Zen-like feeling I get when I see the sunlight filtered through the bamboo blinds. I also like how it gives off those Asian vibes to our home. Hehe. Identity! Never mind that the local Chinese coffee shops also use similar blinds. Heh. 

Bamboo blinds like this gimme a whole lot of Asian feels. And I AM Asian, so yay.

Another addition to the home are these little display shelves in the hall… Time to try being artsy a bit, although I have this sinking feeling that the attempt’s gonna fail (I am a crafter but not too great as an artist 😬). 

Okay so it looks a whole lot like nothing at the moment. Will fix that soon.

Okay that sums up my updates for this post. On to the next one. 🙃

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