Happy CNY!

Happy Lunar New Year to all who are celebrating! (Or Happy Chinese New Year, as they say over here in Malaysia).

It’s already February, and not only that, we have just whizzed past the 1 week of school holidays and it’s already over. Boohoo. 😦

To be honest, CNY isn’t quite as cheery an occasion as it used to be for me when I was younger, and mostly it’s because it is often a stark reminder of all the complex histories and offences and heartache surrounding the relationships between various family members.

What helps though is having a young soul in the family like our little Jamie here. He was all excited about the fireworks and lion dances and cheerfully giving loud “Happy New Year!” greetings to relatives as we visited their houses.

My Mum actually enlisted his help to hand out cookies when we were at their place and an uncle and his family came over to visit. Jamie took out every single snack jar and managed to successfully get every one of them to take a piece from each jar. I’ve never seen them eat so much during a CNY visitation before (at least from what I remember of past years). Haha. I guess it does make a difference when a child is around.

It’s wonderfully refreshing to see Jamie so enthusiastic about all these CNY traditions. In fact, he got really sad one time when we had to cancel a trip to a cousin’s place because they forgot about our appointment and were out at that time. So kesian.

I guess sometimes as adults, we need these reminders to find joy in the small things. I hope when Jamie gets older and more jaded about life that at least one of us in the family will still cling on to the positive perspective of things. I will certainly miss these simpler days where he is so young and easily pleased.

Tomorrow there will be a Chinese New Year party at Jamie’s school. From what the principal tells me, it sounds like it’s going to be a whole load of fun for the entire student population (which isn’t that big, since this is preschool after all heh). I’m kind of excited for what’s in store for him, and we are preparing a simple dish for him and his schoolmates to enjoy.

Just as he is levelling up in life, so are we. It’s still a fairly new thing for me to be signing as a parent for his Message Book from school, and talking to teachers etc as an authoritative figure in his life. Makes me feel so grown up. Haha. I am in charge! (Whether I handle the responsibility well enough is another matter, of course).

Speaking of parenting and family matters, there’s actually another fairly current story to tell about that. But perhaps I shall leave that for another post. Perhaps tomorrow?

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