It’s 4.46am in the morning over here and I’ve just finished off writing some social media copy for my client. On one side of me, I have my son sleeping, and on the other is my husband. Yup, this is the Work At Home Mum life.

But hey, I love that my life is built around my family first and foremost. A career is important, but should not hinder me from tending to what I love most.

Anyway, it’s not such a good idea for me to stick around too long as I still do need a bit more sleep before the morning rush hour comes swooshing by.

I guess besides letting you know that I’m still awake at this odd hour, I also wanted to share some exciting and also scary news. Hehe.

I’m pregnant for the second time. 😀

It has taken us longer than expected to conceive, so this new development came as a joy + relief for us, but it has also got us worrying about things to come. A lot of changes are coming up, but perhaps it will be good to take things one step at a time.

We have already made this known to our son, and he seems to be taking it really well. In fact, he’s really excited. He’s in this phase where he’s fascinated with babies so he’s thrilled to know that soon we will have one in our family too. He calls it his baby. 😛

There’s a whole lot more other things I could say/share about this topic, but perhaps that’s best left to other posts.


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