Happy Merdeka morning! 🙂

Morning is just breaking over here, and it’s Hari Kebangsaan (National Independence Day) today. I’ve been up pretty early though (thanks to lovely pregnancy hormones).

I guess it’s easy to take for granted what freedom and independence means when it seems to come so effortlessly to us today. Especially generations like mine who never had to struggle with the shackles of colonisation and who have a lot of room in which to voice our concerns and criticisms publicly these days.

Granted, things are really far from perfect here in a third world country like ours (as much as we’d like to fancy that we’re a first world one by now, which we certainly aren’t). But for those whom God has placed here, there is surely a purpose for us being here. And I believe we ought to be thankful and make the most of all that we’ve been given.

Every time I think about the topic of patriotism, I cannot help but recall all the many times in the past that friends and loved ones have made the exodus out of this nation, leaving me behind. Of course, I wish them well, but it is an awfully lousy feeling to be the one who stays while another moves on to newer, more exciting adventures.

This began happening even back in our student days, because, well, let’s face it, there are so many better places to be in around the world than in Malaysia. It’s sad but true.

But I am still here. For now. Maybe for the rest of my days? Or at least until God moves us somewhere, whether we like it or not.

So I am grateful for the freedom we have here. And of course, always remembering that our true liberty lies not in a pristine constitution or leaders that are larger than life, but in a life held together by a sovereign God who loves us and knows what’s best of us.

Lord, thank You for Malaysia and all that has happened on our precious soil this past year; all the good and all the bad too. Please help us to never take for granted Your gracious hand upon our nation. May we always endeavour to have Your name glorified in this land. Please take control of all that takes place here. Bless our country, Lord, that we may prosper and shine for You. And thank You that You have placed me and my family here, come what may. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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