It’s Saturday. There is a lack of festive weekend vibes though.

Perhaps it’s the thought that we can’t go anywhere or do anything much. Or the fact that weekdays or weekends, they kind of all feel the same right now.

It’s Day #4 of the Restricted Movement Order (RMO).

Thanks to our stubborn countrymen, apparently the army will be called in to assist the police in ensuring we behave during this period and stay home as much as possible as we should. I’m searching for official news reports to confirm this. All I have for an info source right now was an SMS announcement, seemingly sent as a broadcast to us as citizens.

Well, anyway, it makes no difference to my family, since we had already imposed it on ourselves to not go out unnecessarily since last weekend, though the RMO wasn’t yet in place then.

Where we live, sandwiched between several highways and nearby public transport systems like the LRT, I still hear cars and lorries whizzing by. And the announcement bell sound used at the LRT station closest to us. It’s not terribly eerie. Yet.

I’m doing dishes, and have paused for a break. The rest of the family is still sound asleep. I am contemplating a bath. Will my youngest one awaken the moment I set foot into the bedroom?

Daily, we continue to hear of more confirmed Covid-19 cases. It seems we have become the country with the highest number of cases in Southeast Asia. Three deaths to date. It’s sad to note that this loss of lives has begun.

I wonder when everything will be back to normal. We are not in dire straits currently. I suppose I ought to be thankful for that.

We just restocked a fridge full of food which will probably last us for some days. The kids and us are all in one place. My parents and sis, though not living under one roof with us, stay nearby and as far as I know, are alright for the moment too.

But the hubs and I don’t know yet what income sources we will have come April, which will be upon us by the time the 14 day period of this RMO is done and over with. It’s unsettling, yet I believe worrying isn’t the answer.

Perhaps today will be the day we think of some brilliant idea to change things. Or tomorrow. I hope.

We’d already started quarrelling yesterday and it’s probably due to being cooped indoors as my dear hubs rarely takes to this kind of setup well. This, and lack of decent work to keep him busy. He has been repeatedly muttering how horrid it is that people get confined indoors like this. Ever the extrovert, he is. I should forgive him.

A gust of cool morning air has just blown in. It reminds me that it is almost 7am and my baby will probably be up soon.

I hope you are well, dear Reader. Be glad for the little things today. Much love from my corner of the world to yours.

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