Everyone has something that they are inexplicably drawn to throughout their lives. For me, that thing is writing.

For as far back as I can remember, I have enjoyed stringing words into sentences, building paragraphs and filling pages, and watching words invigorate and inspire others.

Amidst my search for meaning in this life, I eventually managed to turn this passion of mine into a income generating profession. In the process, I have enjoyed the privilege of fashioning the fascinating stories of others into words.

Although my career has taken some unexpected turns over the past few years, one thing has not changed and that is my love for written prose.

You can catch a glimpse of my previous work and employer history at my LinkedIn page, and I can be reached via this email.

*Small note: This is my personal blog and none of my posts are in any way income generating. If ever they are in the future, I will be sure to indicate so in the respective posts.