Once upon a time, in the curious land of newsprint and other published fare, I used to take photos using a fairly cool camera. And I got paid for doing so. 

(When I wasn’t busy being punny with the editor or building my byline, that is). 

My Nikon DSLR has been gathering dust for quite some time now, since I no longer don a Media tag. 

Before it dies a natural death, I just might resurrect it and see what good it can do for me. 

I may also revive another smaller image capturing relic from even earlier journo stints. I shall not bother you with its model number or name. Because, well, I forgot what it’s called. But if I’m not mistaken, it’s some kind of Canon which isn’t a weapon of mass destruction. 

Now that you know where my photog loyalties lie, I shall leave you now with the hopes of returning someday with breathtaking pictures. 

Of hills. 

No, smiley faces. 

Erm pottery. 



Well, just wait and see. Fingers crossed.