I decided not to make a big deal out of the New Year this time around.

Typically, I would start journalling in a whole new notebook once the new year rolls in. But this time, I think I’ll just carry on at whatever random page I left off at last year.

Because I don’t want to waste the unused notebook pages. And maybe also because it would be a strikingly painful reminder each time I start off a new notebook how meagre my writing has become.

The kind of writing that fills up my private spaces. Not that commercial kind that I am forced to craft to help make ends meet.

It’s only been a few days into the New Year, but honestly, I feel it’s already gotten old. Or maybe it’s me that has.

Journalling: Another year, another attempt

My new journal for 2017. Hopefully.

I stumbled across a Facebook post on my Feed today that piqued my interest. It was about Bullet Journalling. It’s the first time I’m hearing about it. Or well, rather, reading about it. 

I used to be an ardent journal writer back in my teen days, but since turning into a Boring Adult, I have failed time and again at resurrecting this deeply satisfying and extremely therapeutic habit. 

Part of the difficulty is being disciplined enough to write regularly so that whatever I jot down eventually forms a year long tale that makes sense. My journalling has reached a point of being so sporadic that it feels like it is useless to do so at all. 

Hopefully this Bullet Journalling thing will change that. 

And even if it doesn’t, I do so love making lists (and usually end up never being able to cross out much from them… sigh) so perhaps it will serve its purpose as some form of therapy. Which I do sort of need right now given that I feel a combination of depression + boredom + discontentment + aimlessness in my life. 

So here goes. 

Good thing is that the New Year has just begun, so it doesn’t feel so out of place to start this thing right here and now. Teehee. 

Well, I’ll report back later on if anything much comes out of it. Don’t want to have too high expectations. Toodloo!