Okay, so maybe I should just say some things to get them out of my system. This is MY blog after all…

– You idiots who call yourselves my friends, we are as good as strangers because you have no inkling about anything that has happened in my life lately. Maybe it’s my fault, maybe it’s not. But your ignorance is glaringly obvious. And it stings.

– And you lot who know me for a lifetime and more, how is it you can still manage to misunderstand my motives and doubt me? Sorry for always rubbing you the wrong way, but hmm, when do real conversations and conflict resolution begin?

Alrighty, I feel tons better already.

Move along now, nothing to see here. Brb with another more useful post. TTFN.


Quick rant. 

It sometimes bothers me how much I have to play to someone else’s tune when doing this dance called Work. Not that I mind my writing being butchered. Just that… it’d be nice to be recognised for originality and creativity for once. Rather than being politically/gramatically/ethically/professionally correct. 

Don’t worry, of course I’m not talking about you. The fact that you thought it was about you is alarming in itself. 

That sums up a great deal of the world’s problems, I guess. We always think it’s about us.